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Ready to Order your 2017 Beef?

This is the 11th season we've been selling 100% grass fed beef.  We are proud of the herd we've raised, and the calves we are offering for this fall's slaughter are fantastic.  If you'd like to have the best grass fed beef in your freezer this winter, now is the...

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Welcome to Lighthouse Farm!

We raise and sell 100% grass fed beef and pastured pork. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used with our animals. We sell our meat by the cut and in bulk. The availability of different cuts may vary from© Sofia Hilder Photography time to time.  **Please note**  Due to unprecedented demand, we are currently out of beef.  We anticipate having more in stock in the fall and early winter of 2015.  We are accepting deposits for beef.  While we currently don't have plans for a price increase, it is possible, and orders that have paid deposits will lock in pricing at the time of order.  


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