100% Grass Fed Beef - Since 2006

We started raising 100% Grass Fed Beef in 2006.  We were one of the first farms in Minnesota to offer 100% Grass Fed Beef direct from the farm to our customers.  We've sold to grocery stores and restaurants too.  Its been 11 years of painstaking craftsmanship. 

Yes, we actually think of the time spent observing and selecting breeding stock, tending to our organically managed pastures, and building relationships with processors and customers as part of our craftsmanship.  It hasn't been easy, and it isn't something just anyone can do. 

The animal pictured with this post is the result of 11 years of paying attention to the little details of farming from the timing of breeding, pasture movements, selecting cows and bulls.  He's also the result of 11 years of focusing on the big things, like making sure we care for our animals with respect, treat our customers professionally, and making decisions with the long-term view of our farm in mind, never trading long term soil health for short term financial gain.

We are proud (in a good way) of what we've accomplished on our farm.  But that's just a means to an end.  Our real goal is to share what we've accomplished with others.  We'd love to share what we've done with you.  Won't you consider ordering?  We love making new friends, and we love seeing other people enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Do you have questions?  We welcome them.  Feel free to call with any questions 763-260-0209 or email orders@lighthousefarm.com

Thanks for checking us out!