Gathering with Lovers of Food

SFACONF201500146We had our annual Sustainable Farming Association gathering with farmers and foodies on Valentine's Day, the day set aside for lovers...  Love is defined as "a strong feeling of affection and concern". I would venture to guess that all those there had strong feelings of affection and concern for food, where it comes from, how it's raised, how to produce enough of it, how to prepare it, the issues involved with it, what impact it has on our communities and our world.


So, this gathering on Valentine's Day? Seemed entirely appropriate due to the fact that those who were there are basically in love with good food and were with others who love it as well - couples, singles, friends, families. Yup. All good.

Plus, an inspiring speech was given (by someone I greatly admire), along with entertaining presentations as well as educational and practical ones. Amicable conversations were plentiful and delicious food was enjoyed. All because of our strong feelings of affection and concern for food.