Spring is coming!

Spring has sprung here on the farm.  Well, at least the thermometer is telling us so!  We are grateful for the warmer weather, but let’s be honest this winter has been mostly mild.  And being its only March 9th, we are kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop, and maybe we’ll endure another bite of cold or pile of snow yet, who knows.  For now, we are enjoying it, as are the cattle.  
When the temperatures get up in to the 50s for the first time, the cattle and their warm winter coats start to get itchy.  They start looking for anything solid they can find to rub on, the sharper, the better.  Big oak trees are probably the preferred tool by most of them; but fence posts, rocks, the hay feeder, buildings and even each other work fairly well.
We passed into daylight savings time as well over the weekend, which is always a sign that spring is on the way.  Its still light enough by 6:30 am or so to get hay feeding done without a flashlight, and the sun is up late enough to enjoy some outdoor time later in the day.  All in all, its a wonderful time of year to be out on the farm.
As mentioned in past newsletters, we are out of beef, currently, save for a few bulk packages of ground beef remaining.  We will have more beef this fall.  We are taking deposits on beef for fall, so check out our online store for details.
Also, we still have some half hogs available for this fall.  I just made an appointment with our processor to process hogs on Nov. 3, so we should be able to deliver pork by Thanksgiving as usual.  Half hog deposits are $300 each and the price for pork in 2015 is the same as it was for 2014, $8.50/lb., which includes processing and delivery.  You can reserve your 2015 pork by making a $300 deposit today.  See our online store for details.