Last Call for 2015 Pork

Oh, glorious spring!
Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we got a nice rain to finish it off.  We couldn’t write a better story ourselves.  The end of winter is always time for rejoicing.  It also means that we must make a commitment to our piglet supplier as to how many pigs we want for the summer. 
This is the LAST CALL for 2015 Berkshire Pastured Pork orders.  After this week, there will be no more until the fall of 2016. As in year’s past, we are selling half hogs for delivery in November.  Our plan is to have your pork to you by Thanksgiving.  The good news is that our price for pork in 2015 is the same as it was for 2014, $8.50/lb., which includes processing and delivery.  You can reserve your 2015 pork by making a $300 deposit today. 
Never ordered Lighthouse Farm Pastured Pork before?  Check out our FAQs below for more information.

Lighthouse Farm Pastured Pork FAQs
1.  How much meat is included in a half hog, and how much freezer space will I need?  
Half hogs weigh between 80-100 lbs.  You'll need about 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space for a half hog.  A half hog usually fits in the freezer section of a conventional refrigerator if it is completely empty.
2.  What cuts can I expect in my order?
You’ll get all the normal cuts, chops, shoulder roast, ham and bacon (naturally cured, no nitrites added), some unseasoned ground pork.  Also ground fat is available if you want it, as are organ meats.  You can also have your half hog cut to your specific requirements.  Some of our customers like ham steak instead of ham roasts, some prefer fresh, uncured ham or bacon.  Normally, we have the pork chops cut 5/8 inch thick, and packaged 2 per package, the shoulder roasts are 2-3 lbs.  The ham roasts are cut 2-3 lbs, or in the case of ham steaks, we get them 5/8 inch thick with 2 per package.  The bacon is cut to a medium thickness and packaged in 12 oz. packages. When ordering a half hog, you can have it cut and packaged however you like.    We’ll coordinate all that as we get closer to harvesting the hogs.
3.  What if I want some special cuts of pork, not your “standard cutup?"
Once you place a half hog (or more), in your shopping cart at the Lighthouse Farm Online Store, you will see a comment box where you can add any additional comments.  You can let us know about your special request there if you like, or if you think of something over the summer, you can tell us s about it right away, and also, you will receive an update email from us in Sept. or Oct.  We will ask you if you want any special cuts at that time.  If so, you can just let us know by return email.
4. When and how do I pick up my order?
When you order from Lighthouse Farm, delivery is included in the price of your order.  We will be taking hogs in for slaughter at the end of October and the beginning of November.  In our update email in Sept. or Oct., you will get a general delivery time frame, something like, “Your order will be ready for delivery the week of Nov. xx”  If for some reason that week is absolutely out for you, please let us know at that time.  If not, then we’ll set a specific date for delivery after we take the pigs into the processor.  Generally, a week prior to delivery or so, we’ll give you a window of time during that delivery day that you can expect your order.
5.  I’ve paid a $300 deposit at ordering, how much is the balance, and when do I pay the balance?
You are charged for your order based on the packaged weight of the pork you actually put in your freezer.  Therefore, we will not know the exact amount of your remaining balance until we pick up the order from the processor the morning of your delivery.  If needed, we can call you with that information as soon as we have it.  You will pay the balance at the time of delivery.  We actually prefer checks or cash, but are happy to run your credit card right at your door.  (We’ve got one of those nifty card readers on our phone!)
If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to email us at or if not, you can place your order here.