Ready to Order your 2017 Beef?

This is the 11th season we've been selling 100% grass fed beef.  We are proud of the herd we've raised, and the calves we are offering for this fall's slaughter are fantastic.  

If you'd like to have the best grass fed beef in your freezer this winter, now is the time to order.  We have beef available for delivery in December.  We'll be taking last year's calves in over a 2 week period starting at the end of November, and will have this all delivered by the middle of December.  If you've been subscribing for a while to our newsletter, but have been waiting to order beef, now is the time.  We'll be harvesting the best quality beef of the year.  When we take the animals right off grass and put them in the freezer, you have the absolute best quality beef available.

Purchasing a quarter beef is a great way to enjoy our 100% Grass Fed Beef.  Our beef quarters range in size from about 90 to 100 lbs.  

Upon ordering a quarter beef, you will be charged $250 for the deposit on the beef.  At delivery, you'll be charged for the balance of your order.  Beef is sold for $9.00/lb. of packaged weight, the weight of product you will actually put in your freezer.  This price includes processing and delivery.  For example, a quarter beef weighing 90 lbs, would cost a total of 90 lbs x $9 = $810.  At delivery, you would owe $810 - $250 = $560.  Deposits are non-refundable.

About 40-50% of the meat will be ground beef, packaged in either 1# or 1.33# food grade plastic bags.  Additionally, you'll get all the major cuts, t-bone steaks, porterhouse steak, rib steak, sirloin steak, round steak, chuck roast, rump roast, sirloin tip roast, short ribs, stew meat.  Steaks are cut 3/4 inch thick and packaged 2 per pack.  Roasts are 2-3 lbs. Steaks and roasts are paper wrapped for long term storage.

Questions? Feel free to email:, or call, 763-260-0209.