Supermarket Ground Beef Comes from Hundreds of Animals.

Recently, I read an article about ground beef on Huffington Post, where the author explained what we've been saying for years, that supermarket ground beef is a mixture of beef from hundreds or thousands of cows.  The article suggests one response for consumers concerned about the lack of traceability in the conventional meat system is to purchase meat from you neighborhood butcher...  

We at Lighthouse Farm would say that if you want all your ground beef to come from a single animal, you need to know your farmer.  If that describes you, you've come to the right place.  To help you with your concern, we are putting our 100% grass fed ground beef on sale for a limited time.  In fact, in support of the "one animal, whole animal" approach, we are going to offer up for sale one of our beef that will be completely ground beef.  No steaks or roasts will be sold from this animal.  All the cuts will be made into ground beef.  Your ground beef will include all the cuts, including the expensive steaks, not just the "trim."  Also, this beef is a super lean, super healthy, in the prime of life beef, not a skinny, borderline-health cull animal.

You'll need to order a minimum of 100 lbs (once you try this beef, you'll wonder why you didn't order more).  You'll need to pay for the order in full when ordering.  Ground beef will be packaged in 1lb plastic pouches, and these will keep in your freezer for well-beyond 12 months.  We've had some in our freezer last up to 3 years.  About the only thing which will shorten the life of these packages would be the occasional rip or puncture in the packaging.  If you are careful with your freezer meat, this shouldn't happen, however.

Concerned about storage space?  Ground beef packages pack efficiently.  You'll need less space than you think.  The upper freezer portion of most household refrigerators will easily hold 100# of ground beef.

Order and pay now, and later this fall, you'll have a winter's supply of delicious, healthy Lighthouse Farm 100% grass fed beef.