Quarter Beef Deposit (Balance due at delivery)

Lighthouse Farm

$ 250.00

Purchasing a quarter beef is a great way to enjoy our 100% Grass Fed Beef.  Our beef quarters range in size from about 90 to 100 lbs.  

Upon ordering a quarter beef, you will be charged $250 for the deposit on the beef.  At delivery, you'll be charged for the balance of your order.  Beef is sold for $9.00/lb. of packaged weight, the weight of product you will actually put in your freezer.  This price includes processing and delivery.  For example, a quarter beef weighing 90 lbs, would cost a total of 90 lbs x $9 = $810.  At delivery, you would owe $810 - $250 = $560.  Deposits are non-refundable.

About 40-50% of the meat will be ground beef, packaged in either 1# or 1.33# food grade plastic bags.  Additionally, you'll get all the major cuts, t-bone steaks, porterhouse steak, rib steak, sirloin steak, round steak, chuck roast, rump roast, sirloin tip roast, short ribs, stew meat.  Steaks are cut 3/4 inch thick and packaged 2 per pack.  Roasts are 2-3 lbs. Steaks and roasts are paper wrapped for long term storage.

You'll need about 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space for a quarter beef.  A quarter of beef usually fits in the freezer section of a conventional refrigerator if it is completely empty.


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